Mom It Forward Has a New Home!

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Twitter Girl's Night Out (GNO) Is Getting a Makeover!

What Is New at Twitter Girl's Night (GNO)?
The scuttlebutt around town is that things are heating up at Twitter on Tuesdays. Only a short month after entering the party scene, we have gone right to the top of the Twitter charts. Now, most of us gossiping gals could only dream of getting a makeover so soon after entering the party circuit. But this is Twitter Girl's Night Out's (GNO) lucky day! So... what does this makeover entail? A new hairdo, you ask? New shoes? A fresh coat of lipstick? Oh! So much bigger. This exciting event just got a new home, a new name, and soon will be unveiling lots of fun features. But first things first...

Come on in, have a look around, make yourself comfortable, and hang out a while. This is the new home of Twitter Girl's Night Out (GNO), now known as Mommy Gossip—GNO.

The reason for the new digs? Jyl and Carissa, your gossiping gals and GNO co-hostesses from MommyGossip and GoodandCrazyPeople heard lots of requests for things like a GNO blog roll, a directory featuring GNO member's online shops, GNO t-shirts and recipe books, and more. So, to organize ourselves in more than the 140 characters allowed on Twitter, we felt it fitting to finally take the step, move into a virtual dormroom together (Wow! This is soooo much more spacious than the college dorms.), and have a real place we can call home (or rather, home away from home since we still sleep at our prospective blogs and in real life, at our houses with our hubbies).

To find out more about the Mommy Gossip—GNO festivities and to learn how to join in on the fun, visit our About page.

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