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Amazing Auction Items for GNO Gives Back

What could be more fun than celebrating the holidays GNO style? Helping others have the opportunity to celebrate the holidays as well!

Here are auction items we know you'll enjoy. Click on the various sites to see auction rules and items.

Connie over at Mickey Fanatic has offered up Two Disney items!

First: Tink hat starting value at $19.99! It can be used for grown up 'So Not a Princesses' and young as well!
Her second item is a pair of little boy toddler Buzz Lightyear pajamas starting at $9.99.
Connie also blogs at BrainFoggles and you can follow her on Twitter @conniefoggles.

Our second awesome auction is being hosted by:

Melanie over at StraightToYourHart who has created a fabulous necklace!

She describes it as Toddler proof! She says even a two year old grabbing at it will not break it!
The starting bid is $25, she promised there is a surprise included, but she was all secretive about what that was!

You can follow Melanie on Twitter @Sabrie. She's a big help to all the Twitter newbies!

I'm excited to present the amazing Julie of LeeLouBlogs!
She is auctioning off a Holiday premade Blogger layout. Here's the one I would choose:

You will be able to choose from all of the Christmas templates, starting bid is $15, Great Price!

(While you are there...tell Julie we'd love to have her along for our Twitter GNO--talk her into figuring out twitter while you're there!)

You will love the artwork created by Gretchen. See her work over at her etsy shop Chichiboule. I am in love with her style! She joins us from France... is that cool or what?

She is offering you a choice between three prints! Here's my favorite!

Bidding starts at $20 and I think that's an amazing deal for her art!

Gretchen also blogs at BoulieBlog and can be found on twitter @chichiboulie

How would you like professional editing help with your blog posts?
Gina LaGuardia of Gina LaGuardia Editorial Services, Inc. is offering 3 hours of editing time and teaching to the winning blogger! See her blog Confessions of a Content Pimp for more details, I am so going to be jealous of the winning bidder here.

CB Teen Magazine
Gina LaGuardia served as Editor-in-Chief of CB Teen, a national publication dedicated to teens' academic advancement, from 1996-2006. Many of her current associates are former CB Teen editors, writers, and designers.
The starting bid for 3 hours of writing and content coaching will be $50.
Gina LaGuardia can be found on Twitter @GinaLaGuardia.

Kristie over at 4SpicyGrapes has offered up two of her very tasty and very natural Herb Blends.
She says they work really well for dips and for recipes!

The starting bid is $6 for two 1 oz jars.
Kristie's other items can be found on her WildTree site. And her ridiculously scrumptious recipes can be found at KristiesWildTreeCooking. She can be found on Twitter @3_diva_girls.

Annette of Musings has crocheted a scarf! Honest she made it herself!

You are bidding on a chenille scarf made from Lion Brand Chenille.
The winning bidder will have their choice of color, this is just a sample.
Opening bid $ soft and yummy!

You can find Annette on Twitter @daNanner.

(Please SCROLL DOWN TO SEE the Door Prizes...comment to win the tea towels!)

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Congratulations on a great idea and great auction!

Susan said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.