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Topic Talk—Enjoy the Simple Random Acts

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Jyl and Carissa here at Mom It Forward!

We hope you are enjoying your holiday-- whether you celebrate Christmas or some other winter holiday! Seems like such a perfect time to find ways to Mom It Forward! Check out the Random acts these women created, from the simple to the heartwarming.

LindaS at Short Pump Preppy
PantryGirl at Now What?
Kristen at The Sassy Mom
Duong at A Cup of Tea

Short Pump Preppy
came up with possibly the most creative random act of kindness. Early in December I asked Linda if I could have a great Santa hat on my twitter avatar like she had... and in only a few minutes (and a little snark) she created my masterpiece! She said she was stuck home a lot this month after her daughter's surgery, so this was something she could do for the Twitter world! Check out her handywork!

wrote a really amazing article about how the small and simple kind acts are the kinds of things she wants her child to grow up seeing and learning. Her simple act? In NYC she hailed a cab for an elderly lady while she herself was 'hoofing' 23 blocks!

She wrote:

How many times have I been uplifted by a simple smile from a stranger or watching someone on the bus give to a stranger a tissue to dry their eyes or blow their nose. That’s the world I want my child to see and live in. It’s a world of kindness and compassion. It’s a world where we’re not insulated and self serving. In a city where we can be total strangers to people sharing a wall with us, you can forget how important it is to be a part of the biggest society out there, humankind.

The Sassy Mom took on the RAK challenge and baked up some cookies and delivered them to an elderly neighbor. Keeping with the simple theme here it reminds me that the joys of the season are not always things.

Kristen wrote:

My kids had so much fun and it made a HUGE difference to our neighbor.

A Cup of Tea shows us that while it's a good idea to keep your little acts of kindness a secret, you can still be genuine in your giving attitude whether folks know about it or not. She uses her husband's example of 17 year's worth of random giving!
Duong created two giving moments in one shopping trip.

First. She surprised 10 lucky people behind her at a local tollbooth and paid all of their fares! Wouldn't you have liked to see their faces when they found out!?

Second. She was at Trader Joes and had decided to purchase a gift card which she would then somehow secretly hand to the cashier or something for the person behind her... but it turned out to be a busy day at Trader Joes and she gave up being very secretive, maybe the next time she thought. But just as she was leaving the store she found the perfect couple to Mom It Forward on! She handed this elderly couple the gift card and explained that she was giving it to them, they were shocked, and I think Duong got the bigger blessing...what do you think? I got teary reading this one!

Their eyes both lit up with amazement and responded with such gratitude! The woman's eyes looked like it was starting tear up. I'm a sensitive person; therefore, before they could see my glossy eyes turn teary, I wished them a Merry Christmas and headed to my car.

My heart was so overjoyed and all though I may have made their day-it 'Made My Day' all the more! Why? Because I've learned that it is always more blessed to give then to receive!

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