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Vlogging Giveaway 1.......... HP Mini 1034NR Laptop

Giveaway Details
Thanks to
Sugar Jones from Living In Theory for awarding Mom It Forward winners of the HP Magic Giveaway. The HP Mini 1034NR Laptop is part of that package and this giveaway is an effort to spread the HP Magic and the spirit of service and giving even further.

One lucky winner will receive the HP Mini 1034NR Laptop and two runners up will receive Muvee Reveal movie editing software. Winners will be announced during #gno on twitter and on this blog Tuesday, February 24 at 10 p.m. EST (7 p.m. PST). Please see "Giveaway Entry Rules" and "Service Project/Video Hints & Tips" sections for more details.

Giveaway Entry Rules
1. Serve: Plan and carry out a service project or random act of kindness (see criteria below).
2. Vlog: Video record either the project itself or a summary of the event.*
3. Share: Upload your vlog to the
Mom It Forward YouTube Group.*
4. Tweet about the giveaway using this link:
Mom It Forward Giveaway.**
5. Post the button below on your blog either in the sidebar or in a post.
6. Join: Join the
Mom It Forward Facebook Fan Page and Mom It Forward Facebook Group.**
7. Enter to Win: Submit a comment here by Saturday, February 21 at midnight EST (9 p.m. PST), letting us know when you have completed steps 1-6, including links to your tweet(s) and blog.***

Note: To be considered for the contest, you must complete all of the above-listed steps.

Service Project/Video Hints & Tips
PhotobucketThe giveaway winner will be chosen by a panel. We are looking for someone who embraces the Mom It Forward spirit and helps others catch the vision as well. Hint! The winning video will be chosen based on, but not limited to, the following criteria. Consider a service project or random act of kindness that involves:

  • Creativity—Fun, unusual, or unique ways to meet a need.
  • Reach—Involves a lot of people or helps a lot of people.
  • Meaning—Touches someone in a big way or meets a big need.
  • Sharing—Helps spread the Mom It Forward movement by getting the Mom It Forward word out in a big way!
  • Inspiring—Helps others catch the vision of your project in a well put together video that showcases how you met the above-listed criteria.

The Finer Print

*Sorry! Blogs cannot be accepted in place of vlogs. This is a vlog contest only!
**If you do not have a facebook or twitter account but would like to participate, you may write a blog entry, incorporating the HP and Mom It Forward logos. While all entrants are welcome to blog about this giveaway, using your blog post in lieu of steps 4 and/or 5 only applies to people that are not currently on Facebook or Twitter.

***Due to shipping costs, only applicants in the continental US will be considered.
****One winner will receive the grand prize and two runners up will be awarded the Muvee Reveal movie editing software.

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Sugar said...

That Sugar Hive just never gets old. ;) I'm actually thinking about having cards made with that picture. I think I look might nice... for a truck stop waitress, anyhow.

Great giveaway idea. Way to be, ladies!!

Toni-Lynn @ Grocery Price Blog said...

Count me in! I am planning on entering our Virtual Food drive over at the Coupon Cupboard. I will be doing some vblogging about it and several media updates. I will send it all in when it's completed!

Thanks for the chance to win a super Laptop!

Toni-Lynn @ Grocery Price Blog

Gwynne said...

I made the video about my service project, I uploaded it, and I tweeted it. I joined the facebook groups too! Yay, such a great contest!

Toni-Lynn said...

I tweeted it (and I typoed sorry!)

and I have the button on my blog!

I don't have a facebook account.

My video will be of an actual act and everything is not quite ready yet :)


Erica M said...

I Tweeted it!

Also uploaded my video (technomom)

I have your button on my site, and I'm about to go blog about it as well!

And yes, I've done the Facebook thing!

Erica M said...

And, my Vlog-within-a-Blog!


Toni-Lynn @ Grocery Price Blog said...

Here is my blog post.


Therese said...

Okay, wow that was a feat, my first v log ever. Below I have my Facebook link, and I did join the one group and became a fan of the other. I tweeted it twice, once I did my own, then I realized there was a tweet that was already written for this. I have my blog link below where I blogged about this, I have uploaded the clip, plus put a link on facebook and myspace, because I have to be excessive, it seems. :-)

samamfee said...

on facebook

Toni-Lynn @ Grocery Price Blog said...

ok here is my lame video. My lips dont match the sound but whatever lol I look like a complete moron but here ya go!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

I added all my entries over on the printer comments. Hope that counts too:-)


FireMom said...

Whew. YouTube didn't fail me at the last minute. Here are all of my entry requirements!

1. We did serve! Our service project was a huge collaborative donation to a local and NEW pregnancy center in our city. We had over 600 diapers, bags upon bags of clothes, a car seat and, well, watch the video!

2. Our vlog is here on YouTube:

3. We have added our vlog to the Mom It Forward YouTube group.

4. We tweeted about the giveaway with the proper URL, visible via this link:

5. Blogged, with button, on our site:

6. We are members of the Facebook group and a fan of the site!

I just wanted to offer sincere thanks, again, for the encouragement to give back to our communities. Thank you for this opportunity.

Military_Mom said... took 10 tries bu the video is uploaded finally...adding the button and moving along now to the rest of the steps.

Therese said...

At the last minute everything has been done. We are a fan on facebook under this profile:

We tweeted it under this profile:

And it is up on the you tube group, and it is here on our blog as well where we have the momitforward button: