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How Can I Work With PR Professionals to Build My Blog & Business?
All these questions and more answered at Mom It Forward's #GNO Tues.!

  • I want to build relationships with PR professionals, but I'm not sure know how to connect. What's the secret?
  • What's the difference between traditional and online PR? How does SEO factor in to the mix?
  • I use social media technologies to get the word out about my business. Why would I need to develop relationships with PR professionals?
  • What information do people in PR want to access on my blog or website?
  • What tools are available to me for writing PR-related content?
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What's on the GNO Lineup This Week?

Important: Want to win big? Enter to win our giveaway for a summer vacation to Park City Mountain Resort. Entries due Tues., Mar. 17.

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Giazz said...

Sorry, I did put in my full name and not my twitter name, my twitter name is @giazzpet. Sorry about that.

Petit Elefant said...

ladies, I can't wait.

Mindful Molly said...

Oops, looks like I may not have put my full name or Twitter id also. Here is my twitter id: @AnissaW08

I can't wait for #gno! I will be speaking on this topic on Two Chicks Creating in March! I can't wait to hear what these girls have to say tomorrow!

April ~ Living the Sweet Life said...

Hi everyone looking forward to this week's topic

tara said...

great topic! @twesely

Doodah Diva said...

Looking forward to it! Thanks!


Cindy O said...

Sorry..I put the wrong name & link so you'll notice it twice. My apologies:)

suni said...

hope to tune in for a little pr education! thanks ladies!

Shannon (@cajun_mama) said...

Can't wait to tweet you all tonight:)

Kristina said...

Excited to be a part of it.

MelADramatic Mommy said...

Oops! Sorry for not reading the directions!


Mary Lutz said...

Added my name and twitter url to the list :)

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