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How Can PR Help You Get Coverage for Your Blog and Your Business?

Rachael Herrscher guest posts today. Rachael spends her time managing TodaysMama as co-founder and President. TodaysMama, LLC, is a fast-growing online marketing and publishing company for moms of all ages. TodaysMama is currently in 19 markets across the United States and has more than 75,000 handbooks in circulation with more to come in 2009.

My approach to PR has always come from a "wingin' it" perspective. I am not a PR pro - but have done a lot of the public relations and strategic planning for our company and we've had some good success with the tactics we've used.

Thanks to everyone for such a rockin' GNO Tuesday night!

One of the biggest things for anyone is just getting out there, asking questions, and networking with the right people - a.k.a. making friends. I was asked to blog for from that perspective - here are a few of the posts that might be helpful for those of you without a big budget who are looking to jump out there to get some coverage for you and your business but who are a little hesitant!

The bottom line? Just get out there! You'll get shot down a lot - but you'll refine your approach at every step of the way. There is low hanging fruit out there that is yours for the picking!

Also - loves to highlight women and mothers doing cool things - whether you have an interesting blog, an inspiring story or if you are interested in being a guest contributor feel free to pitch US! Contact us at

  • This week our featured blog was Cafe Johnsonia - seriously watch out when you go there you will get hungry!
  • Our Dream Big story is amazing about a women who "made over" women's shelters -
  • Our featured "mompreneur" on Support Your Local Mama is Modern Mommy
  • and we've even got a good "crafty" blogger roundup!

We'd love to highlight you too! Tips for pitching our editor? No need for a press release - We LOVE short, direct emails with links for more info. Good luck in ALL your pitching!

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Therese said...

This is awesome two posts with great PR tips on it. Thank you for this post, it is very helpful!