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GNO Talks Green Living

Gabrielle Blair (@designmom) guest tweets with GNO this Tuesday. She is a mother of five and a founder of the popular site Kirtsy ( She also writes a blog called Design Mom ( which was named a top parenting blog by the Wall Street Journal, Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple Magazine. She has a BFA in graphic design and loved working as an art director and designer up until the internet took over her life. Now she gets her creative fix by spending her time investigating, writing about, and giving away all things well-designed.

Color of Earth !

All these questions and more answered at Mom It Forward's #GNO Tues.!

  • Is "green" something you seek when it's convenient?
  • Is it your way of life?
  • Do you feel the whole concept has jumped the shark?
  • What makes a product "green" for you? Ingredients? Packaging? Reusability?
  • What are examples of the best "green" design you've seen? (please share links) Anything from beauty products to household items to cars to homes.
  • How much does "green" play a part in how you shop in 2009?
  • Would you pay more for a "green" product? Or purposefully choose a "green" product over a "non-green" product?
  • If someone is seeking a "greener" lifestyle, what are the most convenient/easy products or behaviors to adapt. Where's a good place to start?
  • Ever seen a silly or unbelievable "green" claim? A product that has no business claiming "green" but tries to do so anyway? Share, please. (I recently saw aprons touted as a "green" product because they keep your clothes cleaner which means less laundry. I'm skeptical.)
  • How do you envision "green" living? Removing toxins from your home? Living close to the land by eating food you grow yourself? Trying for a carbon neutral footprint by planting trees after a plane ride?

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Design Mom said...

So excited to Guest tweet tomorrow night. Yay!

lorrie said...

my family recycles

Anonymous said...

Interior Design is the single best experience in my life that has allowed me to experience fantastic creative energy each and every day. I must admit, however, that the move towards Green Living Design sometimes has me pulling my hair out.