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How Do You Shave Your Head Without Caring?

Jay from is a husband, daddy, and fledgling writer. He started Halftime Lessons to talk about his journey across life's halfway point, and fights for balance between his loves...his family, work, blog, and raising money for St. Baldrick's children's cancer research. To learn more about this amazing cause visit where you can also enter the HUGE contest ending tomorrow, when Jay shaves his head!!

Most people can't shave it all off. I mean, it's your hair, for goodness sake. What if it doesn't come back the same? How 'bout if your head decides that hair color is just a pain in the butt, and grey is just...well...easier?

In March of '08 I faced these fears for the first time. I raised money for children's cancer research for St. Baldrick's, and got in line to shave my head in empathy to those kids who didn't get to make a similar
choice, and my knees started to shake.

And then it happened.

My friend and event coordinator, Chandra, had us look up to the windows of the hospital oncology wing where the kids were waving down at us.

And I stopped caring about the hair, and started caring about the kids. And so tomorrow, I am going to shave my head again. I've raised some money, my bags are packed, and I could care less about my hair. So how do you shave your head without caring? Well, you can't.

I can't shake the feeling of excitement in me, and I don't want to. I hope I get the goosebumps all day again. I hope I can stop crying. I hope my mom is proud. I hope my cousin is watching.

And I hope, for them.

Jay @

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Halftime Lessons said...

Thank you so much for having me here!!! Ill be thinking of you tomorrow when it all comes off!


Gwynne said...

I just remind people that it's just hair, it WILL grow back! And it actually often grows back BETTER! I've shaved mine twice, and it came back thicker and silkier, much healthier, each time.

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I know another good way to shave it. Just burn all hair on your head and all!! :D :D

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