Mom It Forward Has a New Home!

Please check out our new digs at & click here to RSVP for this week's #gno!

What Is Mom It Forward?

What Is the Mom It Forward Mission?
Mom It Forward is the newest trend in mom groups and makes giving back fun, sociable, accessible, and stylish—the new “in crowd” of moms where "mom" is a verb. Not only is it fun, fosters friendships, but it is all for a good cause—serving and teaching service to our children.

The Mom It Forward mission is "to change the world one mom at a time." We will achieve that by 1) strengthening women, 2) helping them become the best moms they can be, and 3) providing ideas, opportunities to, and recognition for carry(ing) out the Mom It Forward mission in small and large ways, locally as well as internationally.

Where Is Mom It Forward?
With its unique niche, the Mom It Forward community is the perfect mommy gathering place—both online and in real life through local chapters—to talk about something moms have in common—our passion for making a difference.

Currently, we meet Tuesday nights on Twitter for our Girl's Night Out (#gno) parties and feature community members on our blog daily at Mom It Forward. We are in the process of developing a Mom It Forward social networking site (online community), which will be our online gathering place. We also are forming Mom It Forward Worldwide, which is an international organization moms can take part in with other women in their communities.

What Is the Benefit of Being Part of the Mom It Forward Community?
Members of the Mom It Forward community join for strength and friendship—you know, the adult interaction all of us moms are craving—but leave with so much more... feeling strengthened, uplifted, excited, and with ideas for and a call to action to give back in fun, creative, meaningful ways all while balancing and our role and improving our abilities as a mom.

One of the many benefits of being a part of this group has been meeting such great people and serving alongside them and on some occasions, serving together with our families. To learn about what we've done recently to Mom It Forward, click on Mom It Forward Cares. To find out how you can get involved in upcoming Mom It Forward opportunities, e-mail us at momitforward [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Am joining Mom It Forward and adding a link to it on my sidebar at my site

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