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How Social Media Caught Up To Me

Written by Carissa
Co-Founder, MomItForward
Blog, Good N Crazy People

I started blogging in February of 08. I began my online business in March of 08. I met hundreds of people in just a few short months...! I've even figured out Facebook, (Jyl forced me!)

I began writing for the community site BoutiqueFlair in July of 08. I think I had submitted a single article when one of the other contributors there sent me a nice email and was so welcoming to the network! Wow I thought... people are so sweet and I felt all warm and squishy inside.

After I replied to this author I got a zippy email back....

Hel-LO!! Carissa, this is ALYSON! You know, your college roommate? The one you set up on a blind date. The one who MARRIED that same blind date! The one you faithfully exchange Christmas cards with yearly and haven't seen in 13 years!!

Alyson of 3Ps In A Pod fame (and the Blind Date)!

Oh my crazy.
THAT Alyson?
Are you serious!

Turns out she's a Blogging Fool and writer extraordinaire and I didn't know it? I hadn't come across her site in my bloggy travels and it took our membership and eventually our contributing to a social media networking site to catch up our real life friendship to our virtual friendships!

Wow? What has Social Media done for you? Do you catch up with high school friends via Facebook? Do you Blog and meet new bloggy friends daily? Is Twitter your social poison? How many Networks do you belong to and if someone asked you how many people do you talk to on a weekly basis... can you answer 4,000!?

Let's take it up a notch and combine it all here at MomItForward. Where mom's are making a difference one social media network at a time!

PS I was just talking with Alyson making sure I could borrow that lovely Tutu pose of her husband... and guess what? She will be heading to Nashville for BlissDom 09! I get to catch up with her in real life... are you going?

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Anonymous said...

I love this post!! how funny it is that you caught up with an old friend virtually and will be able to see her at blissdom!

I can say I am a member of many networks but only visit daily to about 4 including twitter. My favorite is The Diva Within on ning and I probably talk to about 400 people a day, unless you count my over 1000 followers on twitter I try to talk to all of them as often as possible!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Well I can mail you some samples just email me! I can send you tea lights and some samples of our Emerge body products!! Be more than happy to!

Janice @ Mom On The Run said...

I belong to a lot of networks, my favourite is the NKOTB Ning one :) So far I haven't found that any of them have helped me in any way, except it has provided cheap entertainment.