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What's The Trick? How Can I Grow My Blog?

Marie LeBaron is a 30 something stay at home mom to 3 silly kids. Before life as a mother, she graduated with a teaching degree in Early Childhood & Elementary Education, after which she taught four years of Kindergarten. After her first child was born, she decided to read books and sing silly songs at home. She misses the classroom, but she now gets to bring the fun and learning into her home and ours. You can follow more of her projects at her parenting blog Make and Takes.

Here's a few tips and tricks to help increase traffic to your blog.

As I've been blogging for 2 years and currently have just over 4,100 daily subscribers, I know most of these tips have helped my own readership grow.

traffic jam

Niche Blogging - Find your passion and blog about it. It's much easier and comes more naturally if you blog about something you love. It could be food, parenting, photography, knitting, design etc. If you're genuine and real in your posts, people respond to that and want to read more.

Submitting Posts - There are some great sites that take submissions for related posts and can bring you new readers. Here's a few to check out:

How-To Type Posts - A post with a recipe or directions to make something are very popular with sites like Stumble Upon or Kirsty. They tend to bring a lot of traffic, as people love to see how to make things for themselves.

Use Twitter as a Business Card - Twitter is great for building relationships with people, but it can also be great for sharing your site with others. Try to follow people who are in your area of interest. Chances are they will see your profile and click on your blog link, seeing who you are and maybe staying a while.

Responding to Comments - When someone leaves a comment on your blog, try to comment back or even email back to readers who may be new to your blog. It helps them feel welcome and you can say thanks for sharing their comment. Chances are they'll find you took the time to say hi and they'll come back to read more.

Leaving Comments - Visit other people's blogs and share a comment. Who doesn't love to get comments? Read their posts and comment with something relevant to add, letting them know you're genuine!

I hope these tips and tricks help. What else have you found to help increase traffic to your site?

Photo by flickr.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marie! Thanks for the list of websites for submitting posts. I'll give those a try! And what a cute blog Make and Takes is. I'm glad I discovered it!

KL - No said...

I am a newbie Blogger and really appreciate the tips on growing your blog! I will definitely be back to check yours out regularly! Thanks so much.

Unknown said...

I completely agree to everything you have said! I have used those same tricks to go from 15 followers to 278 (currently) and growing. :)

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Erin & Kathy - You're welcome. And thanks for your kind comments.

Lolli - Nice job!

I'm off to check you all out!

Mozer said...

Thanks for posting these tips and the websites. Very helpful article.

familylife said...

Thanks, I just started blogging two days ago and I really appreciate your tips! I know it takes time.....

Sandra said...

Thanks Marie! Always looking for ways to grow my blog. It's for anyone interested in school stuff, the arts, and everyday technology.


Prim {123bargains} said...

Thank you for the tips and tricks on blog postings. They are very useful. I really enjoy your blog postings.

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Ann Morrison said...

Thanks for the good tips! But for example StumbleUpon is absolutely mysterious to me. I do everything recommended, but there aren't any visitors from it.

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