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Our First Featured GNO Gal

Who Is the Featured GNO Gal & Blog Today?
Drum roll please ..... (imagine drum roll here)..... Give it up for our Twitter friend and co-GNO goer, backpacktobuggy and her blog of the same name—Backpack to Buggy.

Her recent post entitled "Five super low-budget, family destinations for Fall" provides great travel tips without spending a fortune. She provides great links for and recommendations about seasonal celebrations, friends and family vacations, enjoying nature, hosting visitors, and visiting Hawaii.

While talking about hosting visitors, she writes:

A spin on the ‘staycation,’ when you host out of town guests, you can play both tour guide and traveler. Be sure to visit new places or try new things with your guest. When our friend drops in later this year, I plan to visit the renovated (and expensive) California Academy of Sciences and take him on a “cheese” tour of the area.

Thanks backtobuggy for sharing her wonderful travel-related GNO Topic Talk with us. Check out this post and others at her Back to Buggy blog. (Note: The pictures above are from her site. Go there to learn more.)

For other terrific travel posts, visit these three GNO gal's blogs:

Wandermom (AKA Michelle from Wanderlust and Lipstick, AKA our fabulous guest tweeter and giveaway queen) who talks about skiing with kids.

Cindy Schultz from Our Journey who talks about fun travel to the Magic Kingdom.

And Kaye from The Butler Family Diaries who shares an embarrassing travel moment and a fun slide show.

We will be featuring more fun posts tomorrow, so please check back!

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Kaye Butler said...

Thank you for the link! I think this is my 2nd feature link...Carissa linked me 1st
Thank you, Thank you...


Meg (B2B) said...

Thanks for the write up on href=">Backpack to Buggy. Check out my blog roll for links to lots of other great family travel blogs.

Aly said...

Excellent info! Off to