Mom It Forward Has a New Home!

Please check out our new digs at & click here to RSVP for this week's #gno!

The Talk of the Town

What Is Topic Talk?

Mommy Gossip—GNO parties follow a theme—a topic to discuss in case we ever run into a the proverbial lull in the conversation (yah! right!). Following GNO, we encourage GNO Gals to post about the party's theme and sign up for a chance to be one of 25 great GNO Gals that are selected and featured here for the five days following GNO!

How Do I Participate?

  • Sign up using Mr. Linky (posted during GNO each week).
  • E-mail us in advance at mommygossipgno AT gmail DOT com. Include your name and a link to the blog post you'd like us to feature.
  • Spread the gossipy goodness about Topic Talk by including a Mommy Gossip—GNO link or our button in your post or sidebar.
  • Click on the other Topic Talk participants and comment on their blogs.

PhotobucketNote: This is not intended to replace Wordful Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday, Thursday Thirteen, PhotoStory Friday, or the other memes but rather to compliment them. Feel free to use your Topic Talk as its own post or in conjunction with one of the other carnivals.

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Ambajam said...

Stop by and check out our Wordless Wednesday this week. :) Oh and we are having a 25% off sale too.

Beth Coming Up said...

I'm gonna post something tomorrow! YAY! This was so fun!

'Nette said...

Well shoot, I did that wrong. That's what I get for not following directions.
My blogger address is and my Wordpress is

SarahLCC said...

oh good, I can use it WITH other carnivals!

Sandra Foyt said...

Love the new look and really enjoying chatting about travel! Going to the Thinking Room for topic brainstorms, but I'll be back!

HeatherY said...

I'll probably post mine later tonight! I know I missed last night but I'll still join in the fun! Can't wait to check out everyone's posts!

Mara from Motherofalltrips said...

Thanks for the chat last night - I enjoyed all the places people have been.

Sandra Foyt said...

I have a fabulous topic idea and Guest Tweeter suggestion! See Mom's Connect On Twitter's GNO

How about it? Should we ask her?

Jessie V said...

i had such fun last night! it was wonderful to meet all the new friends and boy those twitters were zinging quickly, weren't they?

almost every week on our site, we give away a travel guide. and - next wed (28th) we will have a language learning kit and travel book to give away!

i am all about stumbling others, too - let me know if you have an article you'd like more traffic on. it works!

Deb said...

how did i miss this?????????????????????

i am so in love with the two of you right now (i am assuming carissa had her hand in this, too).

so are we still staying on twittermoms, too? where is the most action, because i am not sure i can follow both too well.

Just Kim U said...

Added myself to Mr. Linky and will be lookin' at everyone's twitter goodies. :)

♥Niya♥ said...

Can't wait to get to know more of you ladies

DeliciousBaby said...

I have a great giveaway right now... a $250 Lands End Winter Outfit for Kids. Come sign up for a chance to win.

shannon said...

trying to find my way around here. Yay!