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Preemie to Giant in Only 5 Weeks!

What's at the top of the charts, has 140 characters or less, spans the globe, recently moved into a new home, and has 300 beats per minute (BPM)? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Wonder Woman? Yes, sort of! It certainly tweet tweets like a bird, has learned to fly, and is a wonder with women.

Wonder Woman

What is it? It's Twitter Girl's Night Out—now Mommy Gossip—GNO.

At last week's Tuesday event, more than 100 gossiping gals showed up for this virtual par-tay. Can you handle that many new followers, tweeple? And the BPM? Yes, my tweeties, that is tweets per minute to us—300 of them to be precise—made us the top-trending Twitter group for the evening. We're pop-U-lar thanks to all the fabulous gossiping gals who have joined this virtual "in" crowd!

claudia y portátil

What Was the Gossip About?

At Mommy Gossip—GNO, we are the queens of gossip... but of the good variety. No rudeness or disrespect here. Michelle Duffy, member of the Travel Moms TwitterMoms group and Wanderlust & Lipstick blog, was our first guest tweeter. She came bearing gifts in the form of giveaways for 7 lucky GNO Gals. Her travel-related chit chat sparked tweeters to share vacay memories, ask trip tips, and recommend travel hot spots. But the party didn't end there. The Mommy Gossip—GNO blog featured four of our twitterin' friends each day for four days after the main event—the post-parties of all post-parties, if you will. Ahem…

In true girl's night out fashion, we didn't stay on course during the party—the conversation course, that is. Why stay on the beaten path when there are so many off-road trails to explore—meaning tangents for us multi-tasking moms? In this vein, one of the most memorable and highly participated in discussions we had surrounded the theme of fundraising. Why just talk when we can take action, right? So, Mommy Gossip—GNO co-hostesses Jyl at MommyGossip and Carissa at GoodNCrazy are busy birds, putting together a GNO Fundraiser for the holidays, which will be kicked off at a GNO event in mid-November. E-mail mommygossipgno AT gmail DOT com to volunteer, donate items for the auction, or for more information.

So... What's Next?

We are just getting this par-tay started. In addition to our weekly GNO, these fun features are in the works. Check back often to see others yet to come.

  • GNO goes global. Check for GNO gatherings in different time zones soon.
  • GNO gets social. Look for a GNO Gal’s directory and start connecting with other GNO gals.
  • GNO gets gossipy. Be a guest tweeter at one of our parties. Or, have one of your blog posts be featured on our site. Check out our social calendar soon for Tuesday Twitter Themes.
  • GNO gets the goods. Advertise your online business. Check for our online shopping directory soon.

In the meantime, join us this Tuesday, October 28 to chat about all things Twilight with guest tweeter Lula34 from Lulaville—a mommy blogger who is full of Southern charm and Pennington Gap personality and about as passionate as they come for all things Twilight!

To see how this GNO baby grew from a preemie to a giant in 5 weeks, read Carissa's blog at GoodNCrazy.

To become part of the Twitter Moms Mommy Gossip—GNO Group, visit our group page on Twitter Moms.

To RSVP, learn about each week's topic, and become part of the Mommy Gossip—GNO in-crowd, visit our blog.

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Deb said...

i don't know... separate GNO's for different time zones? i kind of like seeing pennyryder start her day while i am in my pjs getting ready to turn in, and i would miss my most favorite galpals on the west coast!

i might have to crash the other parties.