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Topic Talk 2.0—Twilight

Today's five featured GNO Gals are passionate about Twilight. Please give a standing ovation and a rip roarin' round of applause for:

Chef Mom, is a master cake maker. And, in honor of our Twilight-themed GNO, she made a Twilight cake. She also named her first daughter Isabella and has her Alice costume all ready for Halloween. Yep! The apple below is the cake! Anyone recognize this picture? Talk about creative. Click below to see the rest of her post.

Julie gets the Twilight goods, because her hubbie is in the industry. Check out this pic from one of her many Twilight-related posts. Click to visit her site and when there, click on this pic to enlarge. The man behind the "mask" is hubby himself.

Leigh Anne, or Lula—our amazingly passionate Twilight friend and GNO guest tweeter this week—says that this, one of her many Twilight-related posts entitled "The End," is her very favorite one, because it is "honest and forthright." Click on the image to read more.

Scary Mommy brings the always appreciated other perspective in her Twilight-related post entitled, "I Don't Want to Suck Your Blood." Amazed that someone can NOT love Twilight? Relate with her? Read her explanation by clicking on the image below.

And finally, this Stampin' mama from Stamp Happens professes her love for Edward and then couples her love of crafty cards with her passion for Twilight. There are more fun Twilight theme cards where this comes from. Check them out on her site, especially the team Edward cards her friend Eve made.

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Brandy said...

I figured it out. Thanks again ladies!

Kate Lord Brown said...

Hi Jyl - found you through the Blogapalooza! Great to join Twitter Moms, GNO etc - look forward to meeting and tweeting - best wishes.

Bug-N-Bee said...

Love it all! GNO was a lot of fun last night!

Robin said...

Am I the only one kinda freaked out by the bloody lips????? Anyone? Anyone?