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Topic Talk 2.2—Twilight

Help these GNO Gals, including your virtual party co-hostesses, enjoy their 15 minutes 24 hours of fame. Give it up for:

In the Treetop, talks about her addiction totally normal love of the Twilight series in her post entitled, "It's Confession Time." There's more where this excerpt comes from. Read on....

I don't need a Twilight fix. It's not like I'm reading parts again until I can get book three...I was just "refreshing" my memory on those parts that I read at 3 a.m. the first time. Stop laughing. It's not like I needed to look up the movie information and the trailers, or HAD to tell my son that his girlfriend and I would be going to see it. (He can tag along after all). Addicted? No way. Excuse me now, I have to go catch up on the dishes, laundry, baking and other stuff I somehow got behind on this weekend. What?

GoodNCrazy, in her post: "It's a Love-Hate Thing," Carissa describes her view of Twilight as looking something like this. Wonder what her opinion of the series is! Hmmmm.

Daily Mish Mash, likes t-shirts Edward would undeniably find sexy! Check them out to see how you, too, can mystify this man, er, vampire!

Mommy Gossip makes a compelling argument that she IS the next Stephenie Meyer. Do you buy it? Read this post and decide for yourself whether Jyl and Steph are one and the same.

Thanks to our featured GNO Gals for submitting their Twilight-related posts.

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Deb said...

i was in target yesterday and i picked up a copy of twilight and ALMOST bought it. here's why i didn't:

1. the copy they had for sale had a scene from the movie on it. that is one of my biggest pet peeves EVER.

2. it's really LONG! how do you people have time to read something that has to be well over 400 pages? i have gotten through approximately 1.5 pages of the book on my nightstand in the last 2 weeks (gno isn't helping any!).

maybe i'll get it for my next vacation.

Sandra Foyt said...

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