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Topic Talk—Sweet Treats for the Holidays!

Today's featured GNO Gals share sweet treats with us. Give it up for:

Marshmallow Sweet Potatoes courtesy of Southern Plate.

Southern Plate provides perhaps the sweetest of the sweet treats—chocolate cobbler (shown below) and chocolate gravy.

The chocolate cobbler makes the perfect holiday dessert.

And, the chocolate gravy can be packaged up and given as delicious neighbor and friend gifts.

Check out the Southern Plate cookbook for more mouth-watering goodies.

Momma Cooks Cooking shares two delicious Pampered Chef recipes. Check out her Iced Gingerbread Cookie recipe for a sweet treat.

The Butler Diaries writes about holiday traditions and memories. She says:
I'm sure that you all know how quickly the Holidays can sneak up and before you know you are scrambling for just the right gift and groceries. Those wonderful ingredients to make that one special dish that you, your spouse, kids, Uncle Harry, Aunt Millie, or Cousin Bob just can't live without at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, a tradition.

Every year for 32 years, the same tree was put together and decorated on December 6, my birthday, pop corn strings were made and hot chocolate topped it off. Three years ago, I had to give up the tree and buy a new one. No tree will ever be as beautiful to me as the one I grew up with. Keeping tradition, we still put the tree up and decorate it on December 6 and there is always hot chocolate.
Check out her hot chocolate recipe and other yummy holiday food ideas in this post.

Give Me a Minute... shares this tasty treat—eggnog cheesecake bars. Mmmmmm!

My Recipe Box in addition to her yummy Cream Cheese Pie recipe, shares this recipe for daily living:

1 c. love
1 c. patience
1 c. forgiveness
1 c. charity

Mix well with loving heartstrings and serve 1 tablespoon every morning, noon and night.

Thanks to today's featured GNO Gals for their mouth-watering pictures and yummy recipes during this week's holiday food-themed Topic Talk.

Wanna be featured? Please comment here or e-mail us at mommygossipgno AT gmail DOT com and provide your BLOG URL, linking to the post you'd like featured.

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Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Shut UP! EGGNOG cheesecake what!??

I am saving each recipe in my super special online recipe folder....!

Cindi @ Moomettesgram's Musings said...

All of those are so fantastic ~ I'm on WW but can still have some of each & hopefully maintenance soon! GNO was great ~ into my notepad folder they go for sure!

kwr221 said...

wow, THANKS!

my fam is going to LOVE me this weekend when I make not only the eggnog cheesecake, but the CHOCOLATE COBBLER!

Thanks for the spotlight and I'll try to follow #GNO with a little more savvy next time!

ParentingPink said...

Auuugggggghhhh! I can feel the delightful calories packing onto my thighs...

But who cares!

These recipes rock and I am going try them all (ok, well I'll at least try some of them!).

Brandie @ Joy of the Kitchen said...

WOW that Eggnog Cheesecake bar recipe looks FAB! Trying to resist the urge to lick the screen.... mmm....

Southern Plate said...

Everything looks so fabulous! I only just discovered GNO a week or so ago and am just loving it! Thank you so much for including Southern Plate!