Mom It Forward Has a New Home!

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Happy New Year! We hope you're kicking off 2009 with a bang.

Mom It Forward has lots of big plans for the New Year, with many of them kicking off the end of January and beginning of February.

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Erin said...

WooHoo! I'm already signed up for the newsletter, but I wanted to comment how EXCITED I am to Mom It Forward, Backward, and Side to Side straight into the new year! HUGS!

Twitter: @erinjeany

♥georgie♥ said...

You ladies are amazing!

Jenni Jiggety said...

I am all subscribed!

Healthy Beauty Secrets With Duong said...

I'm so excited for you girls. God is so good. We plan our ways, but orders our steps. Sometimes on our way to one dream, one passion, another one comes up, a better one and things keep getting betters. ain't seen nothing yet. I'm so happy to have connected w/you. You guys really rock and really care about moms, and your ability to tweet so many peeps is amazing. Hugs...

@Duong Sheahan