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Remember those audio tapes you used to put together for the guy you were "going with"—you know, the total babe you just knew was "the one"? Or better yet, remember getting a tape from him? Yah! Those were the days! The only downside was actually making the thing. It took forever.

The great thing about the new
He's Just Not That Into You soundtrack is that it is the equivalent of the relationship soundtracks from back in the day. (Come on, admit it, you made one, or wanted to!). The good news? This one is made for you. Not only that, but it includes some of the hottest artists varying from classic bands like REM and The Cure and popular music from Maroon 5 and Keane to new hits by The Ting Tings and Erin McCarley. And, if you're a Scarlett Johannson fan, check out her new cover of Last Goodbye. Two lucky winners will receive prizes from this giveaway. One will receive a He's Just Not That Into You movie soundtrack CD and the other will win this awesome ladie's hoodie.*

Giveaway Entry Rules

Serve: Perform a random act of kindness of your choice.
Share: Tweet about the giveaway using this link: Mom It Forward Giveaway.
3. Post the button below on your blog either in the sidebar or in a post.
Join: Join the Mom It Forward Facebook Fan Page and Mom It Forward Facebook Group.
5. Enter to Win: Submit a comment here by Tuesday, January 27 no later than 10 p.m. EST (7 p.m. PST), letting us know when you have completed steps 1-4. Be sure to include a description of your random act of kindness and links to your tweet(s) and blog.**

Note: To be considered for the contest, you must complete all of the above-listed steps.
The giveaway winner will be chosen by a random generator from a list of people that have completed all of the above-listed steps.

The Finer Print
*Mom It Forward will choose which winner receives the CD and which winner receives the hoodie.
**Due to shipping costs, only applicants in North America will be considered.

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blueviolet said...

My random act of kindness was to walk an older lady from the grocery store parking lot into the store. I was worried she would slip on the ice.
My tweet link is:
and I put the button on my right side bar.

....the Sassy Mom!! said...

My RAK is about sharing what I have with others. I've posted on my blog about it and will be tweeting it tomorrow. So that I don't interfere with GNO tonight. It ends tomorrow at midnight.
I'm a member of MIF's Facebook Group and Fan Page.
The MIF button is in my sidebar.

Jessica@MomFuse said...

My random act of kindness was helping an elderly lady today. It's snowing pretty bad here and I happened to look outside and there was a car that was stuck in the snow.. she must have slid because he car was facing sideways. Anyways, I went out to make sure she was ok, got hubby to have him get her car straightened out and parked on the side of the road. She didn't want to drive (understandably so!) so we called her son for her and he came and picked her up. We sat and drank coffee with her while she was waiting. She got a kick out of twins!

My Tweet Link:

I also put the button up on Mom Fuse:

Tina said...

Ladies this is just so cool!! I try to do some kind of RAK everyday. Of course some days are easier than others. Monday while eating lunch with the kiddos at Mc D's I watched as another mom struggled to hold a sleeping child, keep 2 other young ones from running off and try to balance food. I jumped right up and offered to carry the food to their table. The look of gratitude on her face was amazing. Such a small thing to do! She ended us sitting next to us and we struck up on a conversation and she will be joining us on our next MOPS meeting!

Here is my twitter link and of course I'm a member of the fan page and group on facebook plus the button is being displayed proudly at

workout mommy said...

my RAK was while I was in the hospital with my son last week. The woman across the hall had a screaming child who was desperate for a popsicle. They were deemed contagious though and could not leave the room. Despite 3 calls to the nurse, which I overheard, no one had brought her poor little guy a popsicle yet, so I went and got him one. (and ice cream for mom)

Bella Casa said...

My random act of kindness for the day was stumbling about 10 bloggers' post and advising someone on how to hold a giveaway on their blog for the first time today.

I tweeted about this giveaway here:

I am a member and fan at facebook.

I'm adding the button right now to:

Thanks for the giveaway!


ForeverAlways said...

I have joined both of the facebook groups. Great contest. Good luck to me :)

ForeverAlways said...

Oops you need more details ... posted too fast.

Okay, my act of kindness was to help my mom with an online application for an at home job.

I joined the facebook pages as fans (Philippa)

I twitted the contest:

And I am adding the button now to

Jessica Knows said...

Random act of kindness was giving 100% of my juror expense to my county children's services today. Here's my tweet

And I've been Facebooking like crazy!

And I put button on sidebar but the image code isn't working correctly (right above technorati profile link).

Whew! Just in time!

workout mommy said...

forgot to add that I tweeted and joined the facebook group too!

Leslie said...

My Rak was to keep another moms 5 kids for her while she had her 6th and to visit her today in the hospital. I also dropped off 4 backpack full of supplies for a homeless continum of care event tomorrow in our county. I will post pics and info on my blog and my twitter link is
I have also joined all the facebook pages,groups, have a link button on my blog and Tweeted the event. Boy its been a busy day :)

ExtraordinaryMommy said...

My Random Act of Kindness was to pay for the groceries of the elderly lady behind me in line. I've always wanted to do it and just did it yesterday. She was so surprised and so grateful. It was heavenly - to know she needed it and I could help.

I also tweeted, but don't know how to give you the status url...I just did it a few minutes ago. You can see it on my twitter page:

I also joined the Facebook groups and blogged about this contest and included the button:

Thanks for the chance!

Terri Camp said...

My RAK was that even though I have some stupid stomach bug, we needed a few groceries..and I knew my daughter wanted something special, I stopped at the grocery store, loaded up the cart, and brought home groceries. Oh...that doesn't count...That's a MOM.

Okay..thinking...Ohhh...I know...while at above store...I said, "Ta-Dah" to the cashier..and she smiled really big! I'm sure it made me feel better than her not sure that counts either.

Moomettesgram said...



RAOK: Sent a Hartford Courant Mug to @WriterMom who's parents used to work at the company!

Moomettesgram said...

RAOK ~ wrong name it was @WriterMommy!

@h0neyb said...

My random Act of Kindness was bringing this gal I found at Sundance after the #suntweet back home to her fiance. (She was drunk & the poor gal was standing in a puddle of water by a locked car in the parkinglot)I got home by 3a.m that night, but I did get her home safely :)

The Button is in the blogpost

Blog Link: