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Make Movies in Minutes With Muvee Reveal

Carissa had the opportunity to use and review the software featured in one of the Mom It Forward's Gab & Give giveaways.

Muvee Reveal.
Make Home Movies in Minutes.

Look how much fun I had creating this video!

I downloaded the software directly from the site. (The download was very long, nearly 45 minutes.. so either choose the CD-Rom option, or make sure your kids don't need Webkinz for a whole hour!)

The installation was seriously quick and painless. I had it figured out in minutes! It was unbelievably easy to navigate the program and beyond user friendly. I created my muvee in 3 easy steps.

  • Add photos and videos (a fast and easy browse feature or dragging and dropping worked as well!)
  • Choose a style for your video, it comes with 8 different styles and each style has multiple options like changing the speed, or the background, or the colors
  • Choose music from your own library! Muvee=music video!

Once those three steps were complete... I previewed my magic muvee and hit SHARE.

How can you share it?

7 different ways.

  1. upload to (a site where you have a private place to invite friends and family to view your video--and then directly sharing on your blog or facebook!)
  2. burn directly to DVD
  3. save to your hard drive
  4. save in high definition format
  5. save to your cell phone
  6. save to your iPod
  7. save to your PSP (Sony)

Yes there are "free" options online to create slideshows from your photos and videos creating multiple media videos, but I've used a couple they take much longer to work through online and you have to pay to download it to your hard drive in order to burn a DVD. Plus any extra options are not available for free. So much for free?

Additional Reasons I Loved this product:

Clean interface. The whole product is laid out very clear and simple. Making it easy to navigate.

Video editing. When you add a video from your own collection you can easily split up the video into several shorter clips, only keeping the best parts (which is great when you have a really long video ofyour kid's preschool gradutaion, but only a few seconds of cuteness!)

I'm all about uploading to various Social Media sites! There are 22 ways to share your video with the social media world once uploaded to , including directly to blogger, Typepad and Facebook, WordPress and YouTube were missing from the list, but the embedding code was easy to access instead. (And later I was able to upload the movie file directly to instead since I had it saved to my hard drive.)

Cost. Muvee Reveal is only $79.99. I once used a digital video editing product that cost way more money and was much more cumbersome to use. Plus there are a ton of additional styles and backgrounds you can add to your creative video arsenal... if you digital scrapbook, you'll love these features!

If you are looking for an easy way to create high quality home videos from your photos and videos, set to music, for your blog or to share with grandma, you'll love Muvee Reveal.

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....the Sassy Mom!! said...

OMG...that's sounds like a ton of fun!!

Kusuma said...

That is all true, I've used muvee reveal too, and it's really amazing. I have a HD camcorder and had a lot of trouble finding a good software to make movies and i tried many but not satisfied. But muvee reveal won my heart. Its very easy, and gives great results.

Rory said...

Can you tell me how you posted it to your blog? I can't see anything on the site that tells me how to copy the link or share it with my blogger BLog. thanks!