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Do You Have a Love Affair With Chocolate?

Emily Hill guest posts today for Mom it Forward. By day she is the mother of four children; by night (okay, and day too) she is the co-owner of georgie tees and a contributing writer for Boutique Cafe, Polliwogged and her company's blog, freshly baked. She also does freelance communications work for a variety of clients including Rain.

In my opinion, if you have to ask yourself this question then the answer is "no." Those of us who have a true addiction to love affair with chocolate don't stop thinking about it or indulging in it long enough to question our relationship with it. I have no idea when the affair first started but I'm sure I was underage when it happened. When other kids were sucking on their Now and Laters and chomping on that disgusting individually wrapped bubblegum, I was hitting the chocolate Charleston Chew pretty hard. I then moved on to 3 Musketeers, Twix , Almond Joy (I switched to Mounds later in life when I grew to appreciate dark chocolate) and those tasty Junior Mints. And that's just candy.

I've managed to keep this love affair going for over 30 years now. My secret? The same secrets to keeping any relationship strong:

  • trying something new (still not a fan of white chocolate);
  • mixing it up (from scratch or the box, either will do when a brownie craving hits);
  • even experimenting a little here and there (braving chocolate-covered potato chips was SO worth it!).

Oh, and I almost forgot about the all-important date night.
Chocolate and I try to have at least two—okay, who am I kidding—seven date nights a week. The one-on-one time is a great way to reconnect with each other and for me to wind down after what is usually a very long day with the kids.

Chocolate is there for me even when my tastes start to change. I used to be big into milk chocolate but as I matured so did my palette. Somewhere in my 20's I started making my way over to the dark side, and that was before all the health benefits about dark chocolate came to light. (Antioxidants are one of my favorite ways of justifying the affair.) Treats like Dove Dark Chocolate squares and Costco's Truffettes de France (French truffles) have only strengthened my desire for all things dark...chocolate. But before you think I am just a candy kind of girl I want you to know I'm very open minded when it comes to my love affair with chocolate. I'm happy to indulge in decadent fudge-filled layer cakes, triple chocolate brownies, Breyer's Brownie Mud Pie ice cream (I could eat the entire carton), chocolate mousse pie and even the occasional chocolate cheesecake. Did I mention low-fat Oreos (low fat means you can eat more, right?),Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies and s'mores?

I could go on and on but I like to keep some parts of my love affair private; it really is better for everyone involved. One thing I am sure about, my addiction to love of chocolate didn't skip a generation. Just look at how excited my youngest daughter was on her first birthday just before she covered herself in her chocolate-drizzled birthday treat. Yep, she gets that from me.

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T-Mac said...

Very fun article! You had me chuckling out loud through its entirety. While I can't totally relate to you on the whole chocolate of it, I can honestly say that I have those rare moments when only chocolate will appease my belly.

Heather L. said...

LOL you are so funny! Thanks for the good read Emily, now I am off to find some in my own kitchen!

Vanessa said...

I did not know you wrote for all of those sites, I am going to have to go check it out. Yes white chocolate, I have tried to like it to but with no success. You know what you need to try I was at Sur La Table at Gateway this week...they sell Barefoot Contessa mixes, her outrageous brownies one...tastes just like making the recipe for scratch. Best Chocolate Brownies!

Anonymous said...

Can't relate to the chocolate, but give me anything caramel, and let the affair begin! Thanks for a good laugh . . .

Petit Elefant said...


Tammy said...

I love chocolate too! I have to eat the expensive chocolate (oh darn)as the cheap chocolate is sure to trigger a migraine! I love white mocha coffee drinks and making brownies with my daughter is a treat in itself, let alone the first bite into a warm brownie! Yum!