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What Happens When Life Happens to Your Relationship?

Trena Davenport guest posts, she is the force behind Marriage Zone. She is on Twitter as @marriage_zone and tweets about keeping marriage(s) alive.

Marriage is not only about keeping things hot in the bedroom but about re-inventing ourselves. Couples need to adapt to change. When two people get married they tend to experience a sense of togetherness. They can't wait to say the words "I Do". During the courtship and up until the wedding day the bride and groom minimize each other’s differences. However, after years of marriage and sometimes months after getting married wives begin to feel as if their husbands may not be as loving as he once been. Husbands may feel as if the woman is being controlling or picky. The two of you may feel that you are no longer on the same page.

What happened? Life is what happened.

You  gotta Fight the FIDAThe routine of everyday life sets in and unrealistic expectations about marriage surface. Reality intrudes on fantasy. During this adjustment period each other's imperfections and shortcomings are revealed. What was once viewed as cute or a minor irritation grow into aggravation and annoyances therefore, rudeness ends up replacing romance. Then, throw children into the mix and you could have a marriage heading for disaster.

Couples can begin to grow in different directions; at least that’s how it seems. Couples need to communicate their expectations and then re-access and communicate their expectations again.

Marriage Zone is about encouraging couples to re-connect. With so many vices tugging at couples such as, one or both may work outside of the home, children requiring parent’s un-divided attention, relatives or elderly parents needing attending to. Where in the world do couples find time for each other? Therefore, the creation of Marriage Zone.

Love is being stupid togetherAlthough people can purchase items from our website the site is there to help inspire married couples. It is important for couples to learn to work together while maintaining their individual identity. Husbands should respect what their wife’s contributions are to the marriage and wives should respect what their husband’s contribute as well to the marriage. This is equally true when couples own/operate a business together.

Re-connecting and putting a marriage in the (romance) zone takes commitment, understanding, forgiveness, and unconditional love. Moreover, as you grow in your marriage always lend a helping hand to other couples because it takes a village to keep a marriage in the zone.

photo credits: Ney,PhotoRita, Nattu, Jeff Weston

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